Since the Campus opened, 15 years ago, a commitment to the environment has always been a priority of the teams.

Energy management, valuing natural resources, the fight against waste or treating food waste on site are all work priorities that we are continuously developing.

And because the fight for the environment and conserving biodiversity are issues that affect as all, we also run many awareness-raising campaigns for our clients. Therefore, if they choose an ‘engaged’ site, they then appreciate the opportunity they are given to offset the carbon footprint of their stay by planting trees in the Hauts-de-France region or in Amazonia, via the Campus’s dedicated platform…

And these efforts have been rewarded!

Since 2008, Campus Serge Kampf les Fontaines has held the European certification Ecolabel (renewed every two years), twinned for 1 year with the exacting ISO 14001 label. The site is also Green Star -Gold level- of IACC, the International Association of Conference Centers.

At the last audit, marking 10 years of the EU ecolabel, our environmental policy (based on continuous striving for improvement, ever more energetic action plans, ever more persuasive results) was particularly commended by the awarding body.

10 years of awards and eco-responsible investment make the Campus a partner that has mastered the art of creating carbon-neutral events. This means it is a special place to organize your professional events: our high-tech equipment and infrastructure cohabits naturally with the green setting of the Campus and its 52-hectare park where biodiversity is respected and showcased – reconciling progress and nature… And supposing the future was like this?

We are working towards this with strength, energy and conviction, for 15 years now and for many years to come.