For several weeks now, a savory and sweet scent has been wafting from the kitchens at Les Fontaines. We’ve welcomed Dinesh, 34, an Indian chef originally from Punjab, into our teams. As the former chef at the Embassy of India in Paris, he was trained in Delhi and started his career in Singapore.
But now it’s at Les Fontaines that Dinesh prepares his specialities—lamb biryani and simmered rice, chicken korma, cheese naan—to the great delight of lovers of Indian cuisine. Grilled meats and breads are cooked in a real tandoor clay oven to give dishes an authentic flavor!
And when asked what he enjoys about his profession, Dinesh’s response is heartfelt. “It’s a generous profession. The pleasure of eating breaks through boundaries. From Delhi to Singapore or Singapore to Paris, good cooking brings people together.”
And the final verdict came from the Indian participants, “It tastes like home,” and from other Indian cuisine lovers, “Really great!”