Biodiversity : destination Earth

With a 52-hectare park, a lake, and a lime-tree forest, Les Fontaines has always been a place ideally suited to fostering biodiversity.

Conscious of its 140-year heritage, and at a time when the planet is urgently in need of attention, the Campus Serge Kampf Les Fontaines is becoming increasingly vigilant and is more committed to the environment than ever before.

International recognition

The venue, which has had EU Ecolabel status since 2008, is also a member of the International Association of Conference Centers (IACC) and achieved its Green Star – Gold Level certification in 2017.

Les Fontaines has recently taken another step by gaining the international ISO 140,001 certification, which targets continual improvement in environmental performance.

The Campus was also a finalist in the competition for the CSR Innovation Award at ComInRSE 2018. [Have fun reading the pitches in a comic strip – in French]

But practical action above all else…

On June 5 each year (World Environment Day), the Campus finances the preservation of 52 hectares of Amazonian rainforest, exactly the same area as our own park.

Every year, the Campus assesses its carbon footprint, allowing it to measure a participant’s exact carbon footprint (50 kg carbon equivalent per day). It then invites its clients to offset this impact by offering each of their participants the chance to plant a tree, thereby ensuring that events held at Les Fontaines become carbon-neutral.

An environmentally responsible venue to keep everyone happy

This ‘green’ approach is also reflected in the design of the buildings, the management of water consumption, the use of geothermal air-conditioning and heating systems in rooms, and even in the way we re-use rainwater…

We also devote particular attention to maintaining and upgrading the park, ensuring that as many people as possible can benefit from it through the ‘Fauna and Flora’ discovery walk, team-building activities, strolls amid nature and fitness trails…

And finally…

We at Les Fontaines firmly believe that to respect nature you first have to respect yourself.

In 2018, our teams will be doing more than ever before to actively manage their environmental impact, guided by a collective awareness that is still a work in progress.