These days, we can measure the positive impact of team building activities on a company: +30% efficiency on average (according to a study conducted by AGEFI, online economic and financial news). Criteria such as quality of work, flexibility and employee satisfaction are all on the rise. Integrating team building into your business seminar is therefore a smart idea. But when choosing the right activity, you should leave nothing to chance.

Which one to choose and why?

The offer is gigantic and often intimidating. That’s why it’s essential to talk to gamification professionals. Their job is to know how to identify every company’s goals. And thanks to their experience, they can adapt to the different business worlds they deal with to tailor-make a targeted offer and adopt the appropriate tone and attitude.

Our ability to adapt is essential,” explains Emmanuel Fuentes, founding director of the gamification agency Coqs en Pâte (*). “We have to adapt to each seminar’s objectives by taking into account the corporate culture: although companies may have the same objective, one will want a challenging game while the other will insist on a collaborative game. Equally, we need to consider the constraints in terms of number of participants, time allotted and venue, as well as the audience (age, relationship with technology and/or with sport, etc.) and the budget.

There’s a suitable solution for each specific need. But team building activities all help to unify, pass on the messages presented in the group sessions, stimulate the imagination and creativity, and revitalize and motivate participants. The stakes are as subtle as they are complex, as is the gamification offer, which is innovative and follows the digital revolution.

Digital serving humans

According to Emmanuel Fuentes, “the emergence of digital has changed the type of games offered at events. These days, hybrid formats, including technology and manual activities, are on the rise. At Coqs en Pâte, we try to develop these types of games as much as possible. Technology brings with it a lot of possibilities in terms of experiences and game mechanics. In parallel with the strong attraction of technology, which continues unabated, we are now witnessing the development of team building events aimed at creating links and memories around social issues, such as sustainable development and solidarity. From this perspective, the proposed activities can simultaneously weld a team together an open it to the world. “I think we’re moving towards team-building events with more meaning,” says Emmanuel. “Fewer events just for fun and, instead, ones that carry more messages, values.”
So in a seminar, place your bets…

Let yourself be guided and do not worry: you are sure to win!

(*) The Coqs en Pâte gamification agency is part of the ecosystem of partners set up by the Campus Serge Kampf Les Fontaines to bring expertise and originality to your team building events.