Réunion à la lumière du jour aux Fontaines
Historically, the event industry is divided into two distinct poles: venues and event agencies. Nevertheless, the trend of recent years blurs the tracks, some agencies acquiring places they dedicate exclusively to their event offer. But not only…

Since its opening, 15 years ago, the Campus Serge Kampf Les Fontaines has shown its originality: an eco-friendly secured place, easily accessible from CDG airport and 25 mins away from Paris, exclusively dedicated to business events, which combines a historic castle cultivating the French way of life, a Forum with an exceptional high-tech infrastructure, and accommodation nestled in the heart of a park of 52 hectares.

But more than a place, Les Fontaines is an experience, a unique moment to offer to businesses. For this, the Campus provides an integrated offer to companies wishing to mobilize their teams / employees. Whether it is a mobilization event around the transformation of the company, the launch of new products, or for training, the Campus offers a unique service. Unique because it is at the crossroads of 3 know-how:

– The management of an exceptional place, all in one, dedicated 100% to business events

– The deep expertise of what business events require in terms of logistics (registration, room allocation, team-buildings, audio-visual, catering, transport…) and content management (visual identity, key messages, roadbook creation…).

– The consulting skills in Human and Transformation management originating from the Capgemini Consulting division.

We consider that a meeting taking place at Les Fontaines has a ‘before’ and an ‘after’. It fits perfectly in the transformation journey of a company as part of the change management. When an event is properly orchestrated, it has a powerful impact: after the event, participants have at least acquired a technical know-how and have become aware of the necessity of change. They may also have evolved in their understanding of the business models of their company, of the market in which they operate; and in fact, in the way they have to integrate all that and interact differently with their various stakeholders.

“A transformation project does not exist without gathering team members as it requires convincing, sharing, mobilizing, interacting”, explains Bertrand Cheyrou, president of the Campus Serge Kampf Les Fontaines. “The Campus belongs to Capgemini, a service company, for which people matter and results count. Based on this, we are convinced of the importance of the human factor in any transformation, in the success of any event. Therefore, we mobilize our skills for the benefit of our clients; to design and produce events, in a place whose potential and possibilities have no secret for us. “

At Les Fontaines, these skills are orchestrated by a team of seasoned business events professionals, coming from different, yet complementary, backgrounds such as consulting, events, internal communication or hospitality. It is this multi-faceted approach that often gives events “made by Les Fontaines” a unique added value.

“We see ourselves as allies of the client,” adds Bertrand. “We seek to be transparent and close. That’s why our work is based on strong listening and controlled interaction: we take the time to build, version after version, the event that will perfectly meet the expectations of the leaders who call on us. ”

Innovative services such as audio-visual management, communication tools, ephemeral structures, environment creation, team-building, special animations, tailored catering services, can then be implemented to provide coherence to the event while controlling its costs.

The Campus thus sets itself apart in the world of business events and cultivates its uniqueness by offering consulting, design and production in one place.

Why not call on this integrated offer next time you organize an event in Les Fontaines? This approach was single out recently this summer, when the Campus was awarded the SYT d’OR 2018 in the category ‘Event Concept’, a recognition from the French Event industry.