It’s hard today to imagine a seminar or professional event that does not use audiovisual supports. At a time when the world is looking to be ultra-connected, the latest trends in audiovisual and technology are better placed than ever to help companies ensure their events are memorable.

Sound and images

Recent years have seen the appearance of technological experiences that make easier to reach communication targets: drones, holograms, instantaneous 3D imaging, virtual reality, olfactory marketing, LED walls and even projection mapping. The development and blossoming of these new technologies meet all challenges and make it possible to grab participants’ attention and immerse them in a unique environment. Often they leave an indelible memory on viewers.

At the heart of the event: the participant

But the real trend in audiovisual for events is not technology – it’s about the participant. “It’s very clear nowadays that participants are no longer passive. We have to create a very powerful notion of interactivity in professional events, putting the focus on images,” explains Samuel Arama, the founder of STARDUST Group, a company that designs and stages customized event projects. “Images have a predominant position in professional meetings. In line with today’s society, we are looking to refine the message and support it with images, often on very large screens, which have a much more powerful impact than a long speech. A message that is focused in this way becomes more forceful and evocative.” Interactivity involves events using new digital technologies that suit the public, the messages and the values we share. They act as virtual concierges in a way that makes it possible to monitor a program, posting of further information or opinion surveys. These applications also identify names, contact details, participant biographies and session programs, and offer the ability to interact through social media and a host of further functionalities. Organizers can relax and save time and have better control over their return on investment.

Green technology, resolutely forward-facing

The future for audiovisual accompaniment at professional events also has to be more respectful of our planet. “Ecological responsibility is not just a trend, it’s a part of our work in its own right,” insists Samuel. By their very nature audiovisuals consume energy and create pollution, but that is changing. “This is taking the form of a total shift in lighting and video equipment towards LEDs and lasers, which bring about a major reduction in environmental impact. From post-event recycling to hybrid vehicles, nowadays the carbon footprint of events is calculated – something which is increasingly requested by clients. Ecological responsibility is a matter for us all and shows that high tech is compatible with respect for the planet.” With that in mind, the latest audiovisual trends are about seeking to be both “spectacular and carbon-neutral.” To achieve this, the assistance of audiovisual experts remains essential. We can delight in the fact that the human factor is still at the heart of high-tech professional events…   Article produced in collaboration with Samuel Arama, founder of STARDUST, a company that designs and stages customized event projects.  In April 2018 STARDUST became an official partner at the Campus Serge Kampf Les Fontaines, offering clients high-grade audiovisual services that combine talent, creativity, innovation and professionalism.