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Our vision for successful digital events

Our promise: Participant engagement and attention will be better…

baniere MetaCampus

Le MetaCampus : notre lieu événementiel digital

The Campus launched its own digital venue to complement its event offering and meet a need that digital and hybrid events alone could not fulfil:

 -A virtual world: to spatialize the contents and free participants.To facilitate the visibility of content through a 2D representation and to multiply human interactions, business tools and brands.

 -Human interactions: with different videoconference interactions to recreate “human warmth” and develop social interactions as simply as in real life.

-Tools and content to facilitate your meetings and open up to other subjects..

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Our method

4 ingredients at the heart of all that we do

The participant’s experience

The understanding of business issues

The use of technology that sparks energy

The compliance with CSR commitments

/ The purpose of the event and the participant’s experience come first

Whether they are hybrid or 100% digital events, technology is a means that impacts the modalities of animation and engagement. We believe that the event should be considered as a whole, accompanying speakers, and creating a fully-fledged "participant’s experience".

/ A team of experts will support you from the conception to the delivery of your event

The digital revolution is reflected in the use of digital solutions both for the organization of events before and during the event to facilitate and energize exchanges. The new event formats, hybrid or 100% digital, require a team of experts, used to this type of format.

With more than 10 years of experience in animation, recording and broadcasting of digital content, our teams will accompany you from the conception to the realization of your digital and hybrid events.

At Les Fontaines, as for face-to-face events, it is the combination of three areas of expertise that make THE difference:

Transformation: animation techniques that impact and involve participants
Hospitality: relevant services and flawless delivery
Event management: an appropriate visual identity and story-telling
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/ Integrated, secure and personalized digital solutions

As for face-to-face events, confidentiality, security and personalization of your event are at the heart of our concerns. We rely on Capgemini's expertise in IT security to ensure that your sessions are integrated into your information system, secure, and adapted to your branding.

/ The digital meeting does not overshadow the importance of the human meeting

If the tools allow the creation of hybrid moments, associating participants entirely or partially outside the Campus, they must not overshadow the importance of the human encounter.

Our vision of the added value of digital for corporate events: reveal, accelerate and support.

Les Fontaines' advantages:

  • Mastery of the entire value chain
  • Large spaces to create recording studios with audience and a mobile studio
  • A dedicated audiovisual team
  • 10 years of experience in animation, recording and broadcasting of digital content
Digital Events:
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