1. Mobile app: the Campus in your pocket

Do you have a meeting or workshop scheduled at Les Fontaines? Download our free app to take full advantage of your stay and make your life easier with our information and services (geolocalization, maps, weather, train timetables, list of activities, preferential access to reception and taxi-ordering). You can also enable notifications to receive our alerts and ensure that you do not miss anything while with us. Available on Google Play and Apple Apps Store.

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2. Share memories!

An event means photos, but photos can soon get scattered all over the place without a little bit of organization. We can help you create and manage your photo galleries on line. Photo galleries allow you to present all the photos taken at the event in one place, and efficiently share them with all participants. A simple act of sharing that will be greatly appreciated.

3. Optimize preparation of your event

It is not easy to manage everything before a meeting… Why not delegate the stages of creating a mini-site, sending out invitations and managing the registration process? All you have to do is send us your logo, the text of emails, a list of participants and the program, then let us take care of the rest. We will create a mini-site in your corporate colors and then manage and send invitations, including reminders.

4. Les Fontaines TV: broadcast your own content on our dedicated channel

We launched Les Fontaines TV last summer so that visitors have access to the latest information on our connected screens located across the Campus. If you have booked at least one atrium, we can customize Les Fontaines TV to also broadcast your content. This is an excellent way to relay your corporate messages and photos taken during your event, especially during breaks, and to create even more impact for your content!