Système audiovisuel pour collaborer sur une vidéo

Since the beginning of 2019, the Les Fontaines audiovisual service has utilized a new tool for sharing audiovisual content: the very ingenious, private platform known as FRAME.IO.

This platform enables you to share videos that several users can comment on live, thereby allowing customers to specify the changes they wish to see implemented through live editing. The idea is to communicate with precision, without compromising quality.

The content can be accessed through all devices (tablets, computers, smartphones…), which enables all parties involved to collaborate more efficiently.  Its ease of access reduces the feedback cycle, and thus improves the teams’ productivity. The platform’s high security further allows you to complete your work worry-free.

The positive effects of this technology are numerous: it helps save time and maintain focus on the content’s quality. This tool allows you to free time up so you can focus on what is most crucial: the message that you want to get across through your videos.

At Les Fontaines, our customers were very quick to adopt the platform, which helps meet their expectations when it comes to reactivity and the quality of audiovisual content.