This year, we are celebrating 140 years since the arrival of the Rothschilds and start of construction on the château, 20 years since the site was acquired by Capgemini and 15 years since the Campus opened. A chance to take a closer look at the history of Les Fontaines.

18th century : a romantic garden

Jacques Berthault bought 28 hectares of land at the far end of the estate. He created a romantic garden around a pond, which inspired his son’s poetic imaginary etchings.

19th century : foundation of the castle

In 1878, Baron Nathan James Edouard de Rothschild bought the estate, extended the property (52 hectares) and began building the château as a second home where he could organize large parties and concentrate on his love of knowledge and ancient books.

20th century : Jesuits time

At the end of the Second World War, the Jesuits inherited the estate and created a multi-disciplinary training center including the largest private library in France and the second-largest in Europe after that of the Vatican.

21st century : an international campus

20 years ago, in 1998, Capgemini invested in these historic surroundings to build its campus. Opened in January 2003, the Campus is open to all companies who want to organize seminars and conferences, thereby fulfilling the site’s original purpose of exchanging and sharing knowledge… by making it an international training site that fuses history and modernity. A place to work as much as to unwind. A place that facilitates multicultural exchange while maintaining a distinctly French way of life and hospitality. A place worthy of Baron J. de Rothschild, were he to visit today!

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