Déjeuner en terrasse aux Fontaines

Following the success of the 2017 edition of its traditional “Les Fontaines Experience Day” (winner of the SYT d’OR 2018 “Event Concept”), the Campus Serge Kampf Les Fontaines hosted on September 15 more than 200 customers / prospects and their families. The theme chosen for this 4th edition was that of the attention, red thread of this summer day.


Equestrian poetry at the Great Stables

The morning began with a private tour of the Great Stables of Chantilly, a tricentennial gem and pride of the Princely city, followed by an equestrian private show at the heart of the grand arena. The attention of young and old has been captured by this show full of grace and poetry!

The day then continued on the Campus where guests went from surprise to surprise.


Conference and Causeries: between attention and emotion

After a sunny lunch on the terrace of the Forum (with a wow view of the castle!), participants were directed to the Auditorium, across a reconstituted forest. Bertrand Cheyrou, president of the Campus, welcomed them by insisting that the modern world, characterized by the hyper-connectivity and immediacy generated by digital tools, does not favor the development of a sustained attention. This is why, it is important to return to fundamentals: to meet, to talk to each other, and to exchange. Attention is thus mobilized, allowing a constructive and lasting interaction.

The promise of the Campus to event planners is to help them ‘move the lines’, to change the behavior of participants, to ensure there is a ‘before’ and an ‘after’ to an event. Attention, mindfulness, emotions, memories are all keys to achieve this. Hence, the theme of the day.

Professor P.M Lledo, Head of the “Perception and Memory” unit at the Pasteur Institute, then shared the latest findings in the field of neuroscience. He presented the springs of an attentive brain through the relationship of the brain to time, the relationship of the brain to the body, the characteristics of the social brain, the mechanisms of intuition and the importance of change. These themes were then further explored in subgroups during the Causeries (“chats”) led by experts in their field on themes such as movement, sport, intuition, visual art or digital. As instructive as it was fun!

After a gourmet break where everyone was able to enjoy ice cream, popcorn and Chantilly cream “homemade by Les Fontaines”, several team-buildings fostered team spirit, stimulated energy and attention around a rhythmic choir (Campus Voice), an adventure game in the park (Campus Challenge) and a strategy game (Spy Action Hero).

Self-service animations – Beauty Box / Bike Smoothie / Seated Massage / Library – completed the appeal of this intense day.


An immersive evening

In the declining sun, the aperitif was served on the Rooftop bar, allowing impressions and feelings to be exchanged after the afternoon’s experiences.

A jazz band and homemade cocktails helped creating a “lounge and chic” moment, a prelude to the surprising evening that was about to begin …

Intrigued by the intrusion of curious characters inviting them to follow them, participants admired a magnificent play of lights on the facade of the Château before being surprised by the aromatic and fairy garden installed inside the Château. They then entered an ephemeral structure built on the terrace overlooking the meadow and the lake.

The Campus catering team once again demonstrated its know-how and originality by playing on the senses of the guests: Have you ever tasted beetroot ice cream? What taste can black water have? And a vodka / foie gras cocktail? Illuminated with blue, does a raspberry have the same taste?

In parallel to these unique culinary experiences, participants enjoyed in small groups the largest private immersive live show in France, going through different emotional experiences: Anger, Joy, Melancholy, Fear, Love.

Then a magnificent firework took place to celebrate the 15 years of the Campus.

Beyond the surprise and the experiences of this day, it was the joy of gathering, meeting and exchanging that predominated. To have been attentive together, surprised together, moved together, was the key to the birth of a memory, the one that remains, the one that marks, the one that fosters change. It is not a coincidence that the word attention has a double meaning in the French language: that of being “attentive” and that of “being attentive”.



For a flashback on this intense and unforgettable event, visit our YouTube channel.