The tactile revolution is on the march in our rooms. Goodbye whiteboards, farewell marker pens… Open up your meetings and brainstorming sessions to the outside world… Let yourself be won over by the infinite functionalities of our Surface Hubs.

Here at the Campus, we like to play with contrasts: we welcome you to a historic and preserved site where you can ‘live like a lord in a castle’ while still being able to organize your events using an ultra-modern infrastructure offering high-tech functionalities.

That’s why we’ve acquired six Surface Hubs, developed by Microsoft, to help make your meetings a more collaborative, attractive and productive experience.

These huge touch screens have been designed specifically with teamwork in mind, and enable your participants to work together around the same tool regardless of whether they’re in the room or working remotely. The terminal has microphones and forward-looking cameras built into it.

The Surface Hub’s ‘killer app’ is the whiteboard, which responds to contact from fingers or styluses: out go flip charts, Post-its and marker pens, as this tool allows you to brainstorm live, post comments wherever you like, organize content, move elements and add new ones, copy and paste information from any other device, and incorporate images and text from external sources.

Never used one before? No problem. Our teams will guide you as you use this revolutionary tool’s many functionalities for the first time.

Surface Hubs are a new way of conducting meetings. Before you know it, co-creating meeting content live with your colleagues before going for lunch in the Château’s historic rooms will feel like the most natural thing in the world. At any rate, we very much hope you will!