ISO 20121 standard: Events certified responsible

the organization of responsible events. 3 questions to its CEO, Bertrand Cheyrou.  

What does obtaining the ISO 20121 certification mean for the Campus?

“Our eco-responsible commitment did not start yesterday. For 10 years, we have been carrying out strong and lasting actions towards the environment. This certification, exclusively linked to events, marks one more step in our sustainable development policy, because it includes not only environmental but also economic and social issues.  

Beyond our ability to better control the carbon footprint of our events, we also have a social role to play, which translates into a policy of job creation, training for young people, transgenerational solidarity or integration of disabled workers. Finally, our economic concern is obvious: to secure our business while making responsible and ethical choices! “ 

Why is this certification important for your clients?

“This certification formalizes our commitments. It’s a loud and clear message for our clients. By entrusting us with the organization of their seminar, they have the assurance that everything is set up before, during and after – and according to international standards – so that their event is as responsible as possible.  

We are here dealing with humanist values, which go beyond ‘simple’ environmental concerns. The idea is to unite all teams, internal and clients’, around a sole objective: the success of the event while respecting sustainable development.  

This responsibility, shared by all stakeholders, gives a new meaning to professional events. It’s a real state of mind, humanistic and responsible. “  

Have you achieved the goals you set for yourself?

“Obviously not. This certification is just the starting point. We are on a ‘continuous improvement’ journey. We are constantly questioning ourselves on subjects such as drastically reducing waste, identifying suppliers who respect social commitments and are also engaged on a continuous improvement journey to always do better. This involves being ingenious and above all, changing individual behaviors in order to fuel a collective change.  

There is a phrase from Albert Einstein that I particularly like, and which reflects our state of mind: “Madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. “