Just sit yourself down comfortably, close your eyes and picture it: how would you imagine the ideal party? It would undoubtedly start with a cocktail, specially created for you, served on a roof top in the coziest possible setting, on the edge of a lake, or even at the very heart of a farm, specially refurbished to offer you every possible comfort.

Then pass on into an area steeped in history that becomes yours for the entire dinner: in the château, the wood paneling and soft lighting create a warm and intimate atmosphere that is the ideal backdrop for elegant and refined dining. Delight in the immaculate tables, the tinkling of glasses, the gentle perfume of a riot of flowers: you will soon be sampling exquisite home-made dishes based on local and seasonal products.

Perhaps you would prefer to dine in the open air? Then imagine an idyllic buffet, under a marquee in the heart of a wooded park… Want to add a touch of magic to your party? Then release a cloud of balloons or Chinese lanterns to float gracefully away into the night sky, like wishes to be met or dreams to be fulfilled! Open your eyes. Everything is ready and waiting. We have meticulously organized the ideal party of your imagination. Because we, at the Campus Serge Kampf Les Fontaines, know that, from beginning to end, your ideal party must be perfect in every detail to leave a lasting impression.

Theme nights, the décor, color, settings … we package evenings of the highest quality, and place all our know-how at the service of your ideas, no matter how fantastic they may seem, to ensure that evenings spent at Les Fontaines are the ideal evenings for you! Yes, open your eyes. Everything is ready and waiting for you!