The first contact that participants have at any meeting or seminar venue is normally with the reception team. And the Capgemini Campus Les Fontaines is no exception: “We get just one chance to make a good impression,” declares the team’s leader, Christophe Campion. “The first 20 seconds are crucial and can sometimes influence someone’s perception for an entire day.
The Reception team welcomes more than 40,000 employees from a diverse array of companies each year, and has developed considerable expertise. Paradoxically, “it is simplicity that is valued,” adds Christophe. “Discretion, humility and above all the attention devoted to participants all help make a good welcome. Our experience with the business community is essential.” For example, some participants are somewhat apprehensive when they arrive at a seminar venue: there is the pressure of the event itself, but also the need to get to grips with a new space and find their bearings. “We have a guide function: everything needs to be made clear and simple in just a few minutes. Reception is the starting point for any gathering, and we have set up personalized welcome procedures to ensure that nothing is neglected and to reassure newcomers.
The future of the receptionist role is already present at the Les Fontaines campus, with a mobile application serving as a real-time link between the Reception team and each participant. Maps, information and services can be accessed at any time. Good reception is above all the art of taking care of the participants, freeing them from material concerns so that they can immerse themselves into their event without the need to worry about any external element.