For preparers, there is momentum throughout the day, every day of the year! They have a talent for adjusting spaces to meet everyone’s needs.

When they are present, there is a buzz throughout the meeting rooms, chairs are passed from hand to hand while tables are collapsed and opened up. Tangled cables once again become as straight as arrows. Pencils line up in rows and pages tidy themselves neatly into notebooks. Room preparers are uncompromising and have no time to waste: sometimes, just a few minutes before the big meeting starts, they have literally to transform how the room is set up, to adapt it to the needs of the organizers.

There are just three persons involved, Joao, Maxime and Thomas, and they form a close-knit team, under the responsibility of Guillaume. It is, therefore, they who take charge of the logistics for the room: the layout of tables and chairs, tidying up, supplies of food, water, the delivery of documents; nothing that contributes to the material success of the meeting escapes their attention.

“We work closely with Event Managers to draw up a “road-map” to anticipate how the rooms should be organized. We need to make sure nothing’s missing when the participants enter. A meeting is also about resources…” Clearly, seminars require a lot of flexibility. “The set-up often has to be altered during the course of the day as the needs change. So we need to be highly organized since our work is sometimes done while the participants are taking their break. When they return… Surprise, surprise! The room has metamorphosed. Thanks to this, clients find it easy to take ownership of the venue.”

A theater set-up, islands or tables in the form of a U; there is no end to the possibilities for organizing the room. “On average, the set-up is changed three times in the course of the day. And the 43,000 participants we had in 2016 have always found their rooms ready and waiting for their brainstorming sessions”.