« Sécurité et Welcome Attitude »

Arnaud Lesain is responsible for security at the Capgemini Les Fontaines Campus. After 20 years of securing corporate sites, he shares his experience with us.
What is special about the Capgemini Les Fontaines Campus?
First of all, the very purpose of the Campus: to welcome visitors from French and international companies who come to work - a clientele that is particularly demanding in terms of security and confidentiality. Secondly, located in the heart of a 52-hectare park that is completely enclosed, the Campus is equipped with very different infrastructures, which implies appropriate risk prevention. There is a listed castle, meeting spaces of varying sizes, a 450-seat auditorium, seven villas with 300 rooms, an underground parking lot with 300 spaces, thermal baths with a swimming pool and a fitness center, and finally outdoor sports facilities. It's a one-of-a-kind space!"
What is your role?
The team is there to ensure the safety and security of goods and people. It reassures the organizers to know we are there and they can focus on the issues of importance to them. The difficulty of our role is to be present without being there, I mean to be present throughout the event, without imposing ourselves, by being as discreet as possible and by anticipating the risks. We need to eliminate any anxiety-provoking feelings: this is what I call the 'Welcome attitude'.
Is this a customer demand?
Yes, definitely. The notion of security and safety of the venues has become a major concern for event organizers. In fact, a growing number of companies are coming to scout ahead of time to evaluate our system, and adapt it if necessary to their specific needs.
How are you organized?
The security PC plays an important role, like a control tower. Thanks to video surveillance, we have a total view of the site, its accesses and its different spaces. In the event of an emergency, we can intervene very quickly. The rest cannot be described publicly: security requires discretion...
Fairly, what are your actions?
From the reception at the entrance of the park, we filter access, and identify the entrances and exits. This is one of the most visible aspects of security. But then, we also secure all the interior and exterior spaces 24 hours a day and can intervene as a first aider in case of illness or injury. We are also there to ensure that the event is watertight, so that the guests feel at the heart of their event, without any external element disrupting their work and the experience they have on the Campus. This is why there are dedicated teams for each event, to guarantee confidentiality. And I'm not even talking about cyber security! Capgemini is obliged to have a dedicated team to protect our clients' data exchanges.