Arnaud Lesain is in charge of safety and security at the Capgemini Campus Les Fontaines. After twenty years managing security for company sites, he now shareshis experience with us.
What’s special about the Capgemini Campus Les Fontaines?

To begin with, the very “raison d’être“of the Campus : welcoming guests from French and international companies who come here to work – and they’re particularly demanding when it comes to security and privacy. The Campus is in the heart of a walled 52 hectare park with several different infrastructures, each requiring its own suitable risk prevention. There is a heritage castle, meeting areas of various sizes, a 450-seat auditorium, seven villas with 300 bedrooms, a 300-space underground car park, a spa with a swimming pool and a fitness center, and outdoor sports facilities. It’s an exceptional venue!
What is your role?

Our team oversees the safety and security of people and property. The organizers are reassured by our presence and can focus on other issues that are important to them. The difficult part of our role is to be present without being seen; by that I mean that we have to be there throughout the event without imposing our presence, working as discreetly as possible and pre-empting the risks. We have to make sure nobody has any cause for anxiety, and adopt what I call the “Welcome attitude”.

Is that something the clients ask for?

Yes, of course. Safety and security at venues has become a major concern for event organizers. In fact, more and more companies come in ahead of their event to check out the location, assess our systems which we can then adapt if necessary to their specific needs.

How are you organized?

The Safety and Security control center plays a key role, just like a control tower. We use a CCTV system to have a complete view of the site, its accesses and the various areas. If there’s an emergency, we can take immediate action. I cannot disclose the rest publicly; safety demands discretion…

What, precisely, do you do?

Right from the park entrance, we filter the access and identify persons coming in or going out. This is one of the most visible aspects of safety and security management. We also ensure the safety and security of all indoor and outdoor areas round the clock and can take action as paramedics if anyone’s unwell or injured. It’s also our job to keep events sealed off from the outside world, so that our guests can feel they’re part of their event without any external interference that might disturb their work or their experience of being on the Campus. This is why we have dedicated teams for each event, so that we can guarantee privacy. And that’s without mentioning cybersecurity, where Capgemini provides a dedicated team to oversee the security of our clients’ data exchanges.