Has Your Company Been Feng Shui’d?

The ancient Chinese art of feng shui, based on energy flow, harmonizes settings and encourages well-being and health.

While more than 90% of corporations in Asia call upon the art of feng shui, it’s used slightly but increasingly in France. Originally intended for private homes, the goal of feng shui adapted for corporations is to reduce stress levels, enhance performance, reduce absenteeism, and even improve concentration.

The impact is far-reaching.

Among the basic rules are:

  • choosing simple, elegant furniture;
  • adopting colors suitable for the effect sought (bright for enthusiasm or pastels for concentration);
  • putting the backs of desks against walls;
  • even insisting on tidiness and light in the premises.

At Les Fontaines, we were inspired by these principles of harmony and good sense for our meeting rooms:

  • light colors encouraging quiet, work, and concentration;
  • tables with rounded corners to improve energy circulation;
  • a peaceful and inspiring view of the grounds, a splendid panorama which naturally changes with the seasons, or of an interior garden.

We know that maximizing space, encouraging circulation, and welcoming you in the best conditions will ensure well-being, enthusiasm, and performance of your events.

But whether your own corporation is feng shui’d or not, your participants must feel at home here. So that’s how we’ve imagined and conceived our forum—a middle ground between Chinese wisdom and French good living!