Incentives and team building

Motivate teams with relevant activities

The Campus Serge Kampf Les Fontaines mobilizes all its creativity to imagine and carry out original, impactful, and above all effective team-building or incentive activities.

Why team-building?

Team-building activities are organized to strengthen the cohesion of a team, to federate employees around a common objective or values.

Team-building is also ideal to pass on messages in a different way, to involve and motivate teams by making them live together an unforgettable experience

It also allows to present in a different and striking way the problems of a company or the strategic evolutions to come thanks to activities which transform each participant into an actor of the objective of the seminar.

Why incentives?

Incentives are organized to reward teams and create moments of sharing. For example, gala dinners, aperitifs, and evening events are organized to liven up an often busy agenda and give the event a boost.

Incentives are an excellent way for participants to take ownership of the key messages, to bond with each other and to share their feelings on the highlights of the day.

They generate a sense of belonging through the creation of quality collective memories. Their influence is far from negligible in the success of an event!

A tailor-made concept

For more than 15 years, the Campus has built an ecosystem of reliable and experienced partners, experts in team-building and incentive activities. It offers its clients a wide range of quality, customized activities, specifically designed to meet the needs of each company, adapted to their values, their socio-economic context and their communication style.

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The richness of the facilities and the varied spaces of the Campus, nestled in the heart of a 52-hectare wooded park, offer numerous possibilities for bringing participants together and developing their creativity, sincerity, flexibility and interpersonal skills.