Plenaries and Workshops

Captivating plenary sessions

Plenary sessions are at the heart of any corporate event design. Indeed, they are the opportunity to broadcast the messages of the event organizer simultaneously to all participants. The expertise of our event and audiovisual teams will accompany you in their meticulous preparation to capture the attention of the audience.

To ensure that these plenary sessions meet client’s expectations, we offer them a dedicated space adapted to the size of their group:

Medium-sized room
  • The 450-seat Auditorium is equipped with high-tech equipment
  • The Ballroom, located in the Forum on the edge of the park, can accommodate up to 200 people in a theater format
  • The Ateliers, located on the 1st floor of the Forum with a view of the park, can accommodate 115 people in a Theater format
  • The three Amphitheaters, perfect for small groups, can accommodate up to 60 people in Theater format
  • or the ‘medium-sized rooms‘ of 60 m2 that can be doubled

Productive meetings

Whether it’s for a briefing, presentation, brainstorming, workshop, or breakouts, effective meetings are a major issue for any organization. At Les Fontaines, our workspaces favor concentration and well-being of participants. Entirely modular and adaptable, they contribute to the achievement of the objectives set by the organizer.