When setting up a professional event, the organizer will meticulously review all of the details that will make it a success. From setting the stage to decorating, not to mention music and catering, nothing is left to chance. However, there is one aspect the importance of which is often underestimated: lighting.

So, let us shine a light on a few things:

The thousand and one virtues of light

Natural light is key to our well-being: it regulates our circadian cycles and affects the quality of our sleep, our mood, and our ability to focus. Which is why event organizers must always ask themselves the following questions: Will the participants be exposed to daylight? What will they be seeing? For how long?

You should know that picking a spot with meeting rooms that are directly exposed to daylight, with a clear view of nature or a harmonious skyline of buildings, always promotes participant concentration and comfort.

What about windowless meeting rooms and lighting up of a venue once night has fallen? When working with such spaces, you have to ensure that you have good, controlled event lighting that will allow you to showcase these spaces and create an atmosphere that matches the ambiance you wish to portray.

Each lighting creates its own atmosphere

Natural light? Soft light? Direct or indirect light? Each kind of light contributes to creating a specific atmosphere. Depending on your needs, lighting can, for instance, create an atmosphere that favors discussion, outline an itinerary or encourage people to dance.

Playing with shadows and light will also dramatize certain moments, focusing attention on specific things, and affecting people’s behavior without them even being aware of it.

You should especially bear in mind that in addition to highlighting products, a message, or people, lighting is a highly effective way to generate feelings. Emotionally neutral memories have a tendency to fade and, as a result, people remember them less. Clearly, lighting is key to creating lasting collective memories.

Hyper-personalization works in favor of an event’s goals

Event lighting is a subtle art. You don’t light up a product or a sign the same way you would a round-table or someone speaking on stage. For the former, the goal is to enhance/highlight an object, whereas for the latter, the goal is to attract people’s attention to the speaker.

In order for an event’s lighting to fully align with the topics covered at it, we recommend you have a technical director from the project’s offset. Depending on the seminar’s goals and the various items on the agenda, this person may suggest custom lighting that matches the architecture of the venue, the time of day and the desired effects.

Though often neglected, lighting is a discreet but crucial factor when it comes to your event’s success. Do not neglect it for any reason!