Congrès LTD 2019 échange et partage sur la transformation des entreprises

Last June 4th, the 19th Learning, Talent & Development Conference took place at the Pré Catelan. These biannual meetings assemble human resources managers (University Managers, Talent Development & Acquisition Managers) and center around on debates, presentations, exchange of practices and feedback from peers.

It was also an opportunity for Bertrand Cheyrou, president of the Campus Serge Kampf les Fontaines, to present the added value of the site and services at a round table on speeding up transformation through mobilizing leaders.


How to support leaders and employees in their transformation through an engaging and innovative experience?

The tipping point in terms of business transformation is the concept we often refer to as the switching point. This moment when transformation becomes irreversible often occurs during an event, a seminar. Analyzes have been done, the “burning platform” established, the coalition of change actors is formed and aligned, as John Kotter, professor at Harvard, stated, but the crucial moment is coming… That of the big rally, the big gathering, the big event, whichever you prefer, but it is the moment when we must board the leaders and key people of the transformation.

So it is necessary to ask the right questions: What are the changes in behavior that we want to see flourish from NOW – what’s happening in your company today –  to NEXT – what your teams will be doing tomorrow?


On the Campus Serge Kampf Les Fontaines, the overall support of an event begins there; with a contribution of advice for transformation, help about the selection for the best format and sequence, to better create scenography, modalities of animation, visual identity, etc.

Depending on the needs, we know how to mobilize the best experts by relying on many skills within Capgemini, whether in the field of agile or design thinking, for example.


But beyond the methodologies, we think that the place itself holds real importance for the success of the seminars.

Designed by Valode & Pistre, the spaces immerse the participants in the heart of an omnipresent nature, a source of revitalization. They allow you to refocus and promote serendipity and unexpected encounters. “I find when I’m not looking,” said Henri Poincaré.



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