Les Fontaines is full of history, and great for setting up splendid atmospheric lighting tailored to the goals of each one of your business events.

An interview with Éric Matouk*, Stardust lighting director at Les Fontaines.

What would you say event lighting is?

“As the name suggests, event lighting involves showcasing, lighting up and highlighting the message that your client wants to get across. So, it is an important part of the overall setup of the event.

In order to get the best results, you have to ask yourself a few key questions beforehand:

  • What is the goal of the event? To announce good or bad news? To create a team-bonding experience? To showcase a product?
  • How many participants are involved? Because you don’t light a 10-person meeting room the same way you do a 450-seat auditorium.
  • What sort of people will be there? What is their age, gender, job, nationality, etc.?

Once you have all these things down, then you can really get to work.

Lighting is truly just a serie of details that accompany specifically targeted goals: each atmosphere is meticulously developed so that it mirrors the overall image of the conference or event. If you want your conference to, let’s say, have a “magical” atmosphere, then the lighting is what sets that tone. In this case, you could work with luminous candelabras on tables, LED lights to point the way, and/or recreate a starry night indoors.”



Does Les Fontaines lend itself to atypical or grand lighting schemes?

“Oh, yes, of course! The location is ideal because it gathers spaces that are totally different from one another all into one place. To my mind, Les Fontaines is a place where you can really express a wide variety of things.

The Normandy Farm will delight people with its pastoral atmosphere, the Chateau can be enchanting or mysterious, and the Auditorium in the Forum is where you can play around with advanced technology and set up grand, unique plenary sessions.

As someone who knows the place well, I would say that there are far more advantages to it than there are drawbacks. The latter are really limited to security and the environmental impact of the project. We are very committed to ensuring that our process is highly eco-friendly, and we carefully select our equipment, so as to limit our environmental impact.”


What are your fondest memories of lighting setups at Les Fontaines?

There are so many to choose from! I particularly enjoyed lighting up the castle with a giant disco ball that we attached to the peak of the roof. The multicolored reflections lit up the outside terraces in a truly magical way.

We have had great accomplishments in the auditorium as well, particularly in the case of this one audiovisual immersive experience where you had a 280-degree image surrounding the audience, which was synced up to the lighting. The result blew all of the participants away.

My colleague Sébastien also remembers a sound and light show that the audiovisual team put together for a client who was celebrating his company’s 50th anniversary.

The team had pumped the lake water so it could project images onto it, like a natural, open-air screen. It was striking! There was light everywhere: in the field, on the water, and in the shape of a logo that was projected onto the castle walls. Lighting set design directs the gaze and, as it does in film or theater, implies a very firm artistic stance. That evening, it was foggy out, which added a mysterious touch to the impressive lighting atmosphere.

Château Les Fontaines Eclairage Soirée


* In April 2018, STARDUST joined forces with Les Fontaines to offer its clients prestigious audiovisual services, combining talent, creativity, innovation, and professionalism.