Yurts, Berber tents, disused trains, medieval castles or renovated industrial sites: these are all types of venue that are becoming increasingly popular for organizing seminars and professional events. This trend, which has grown exponentially in recent years, combines a need for the unusual with the opportunity to both value and surprise employees. Taking a gamble on originality is also a way for the company to project an open and modern image.

A seminar held in an unusual venue more easily creates memories and a connection than one organized in a more conventional setting. Moreover, with the boom in social networks, the 1001 photos and videos that appear on the internet after these “trendy” seminars creates a buzz around the event, transforming it into an internal and external channel of communication.

In short, there are many advantages to discovering quirky places, or creating temporary spaces, while also ensuring that they are consistent with the message to be delivered. The reason is that this is the key factor around which the event is built: the décor is everything, no matter how unusual.

It guarantees, then, the delivery of good messages, the “wow” factor, and the comfort and safety of the participants – all of which are vital to the success of an event!