With state-of-the-art installations, modular meeting rooms, comfort, and the art of living à la française in a nineteenth-century castle, as well as opportunities to relax or take exercise in a 52-hectare park, everything here has been designed and created to meet your need for the exceptional and your requirements for efficiency.

At Les Fontaines, what we most like to do is to innovate. That’s why inside the Campus we’ve come up with some temporary venues that will surprise your participants.

A terrace…a rooftop… …nomadic structures… the Normandy farm

The Campus offers many temporary spaces, depending on the season, event and theme.

In the summer, you can also enjoy our temporary terrace at the foot of the lake. With its breathtaking view over the castle, it is the perfect spot for an aperitif, a barbecue or a rustic meal on a sunny day. Every detail counts – from fairy-light chains and rugs to atmospheric music – in this spot with undeniable charm. If you would rather go up high, why not try our Rooftop bar above the Forum? From the music, the rustic wooden furniture contrasting with the brightly-colored rugs and cushions, to the lighting, everything has been designed to create a trendy, convivial and original space for your cocktails or dinners.

Lastly, if you would like to provide your participants with a completely tailor-made setting, the Campus can assist and advise you in the choice of external structures. These scalable structures may be erected on the terrace or in the meadows, enabling you to organize meetings, meals and evening events in an environment that is all your own, and to surprise your participants. And if you would like more of a break from activities, you can explore the parking area, the bunker and the castle attic rooms.

Lastly, to provide a change of scenery for your employees for a day or half-day, the Normandy Farm is the ideal place to win over even the most cynical among them.

Impressing, amusing and surprising your employees by creating and using temporary venues is a challenge, and one we’d be happy to take up with you. Because we firmly believe that emotions and surprise can play a part in meeting the objectives of a professional event.