Vidéo incontournable d'un séminaire aux Fontaines

Every month on YouTube, 60 billion videos are viewed, turning the passive television viewers we were 20 years ago into “active” image consumers.

At the same time, the democratization of and access to increasingly powerful audiovisual tools has opened up the way for many aspiring videographers. These days, anyone, regardless of talent, can create their own content and distribute it widely across channels that are accessible to all.

The power of the image is such that the temptation to turn oneself into a videographer overnight can be overwhelming.  Bearing in mind that we retain 30% of what we see, but 70% of what we see and hear, the business world has also been quick to adapt the amazing communication tool that is video and use it to share its values, help get its messages across, keep people up-to-date on its news, and launch its products.

Internally, corporate video is now a must-have.  At professional events, it influences people, sums up messages, improves a company’s image, and triggers emotional responses from the audience.  It helps create collective memories and brings co-workers and associates together.

Telling a Story… Your Own!

Yet technique is not everything. And you cannot just wake up one day and fashion yourself a cinematographer or videographer. What changes minds, and accrues interest, beyond the event, is the message itself, the story it tells, and the values it promotes.

Successfully finding the ideal balance of technical and human input requires communication between the customer and the audiovisual team, passion, and expertise.  And time, too. Time to think and the time necessary to complete work beforehand… the work of finding a “touch,” a “color,” a “style” that perfectly matches the customer’s expectations.

The quality and beneficial impact of audiovisual content lie with this creativity and are what will make you stand out in the midst of our everyday hyper-consumption of images.

This customer relationship, which hinges on intimacy, also fits within the pedigree of quality expectations of the Fontaines site: with an exceptional location comes exceptional, personalized, original, and innovative service.

Vital Expertise

Such communication challenges need to be entrusted to audiovisual experts so that they have as much of an impact and be as effective as possible. It is what we believe in here at Fontaines, and with this in mind we launched our audiovisual service.

Our team of experts is made up of film directors, directors of photography, cameramen, film editors, and sound professionals, who come from both the film and business worlds.  Each contributor brings their own skills and sensitivity to the team’s work.

What’s more, their impeccable knowledge of the site is a major asset when helping customers out with their events.

Using perfectly mastered, state-of-the-art techniques, our audiovisual team will work within whichever of your desires, from the simplest to the most extravagant.

Opening jingles for plenary sessions, interviews, reports, videos featuring motion design, team-building exercises… all can be achieved.

Are you convinced yet by the value that images add? Our audiovisual team awaits you so we can co-create the video content for your next event!