Business events
that transform sustainably

Located in Chantilly, 30 mins from Paris Gare du Nord or CDG Airport, the Campus consists of a superb Rothschild Château for fine dining, contemporary spaces for all types of meetings, including a 450-seat auditorium, 60 meeting rooms, 300 bedrooms in 7 villas for the accommodation of guests, in magnificent 52-ha grounds. Beyond an exceptional venue, it offers the expertise of an on-site team offering innovative services and advices  from design to delivery to ensure events always meet organizer’s objectives. Together, let’s co-create events that sustainably transform organizations and teams!

Whether face-to-face or digital, it is always the combination of 3 skills that makes THE difference and the success of an event.


To nourish the meeting and bring it to life with proven content and methods.


To be fully intellectually engaged, participants need to be pampered and feel good.

Event Management

To be more successful, the meeting must be a memorable one and make a lasting impression
Our vision

"It is the meeting of people and ideas that shapes the transformation of companies".

Digital Events: