Unleash the power of your meetings!

For several years and especially after the COVID-19 health crisis, reinventing the meeting has been more than necessary. Walk & Talk sessions, stand-up meetings, Energizers: so many formats are no longer confined to closed environment, within 4 walls, but brought outside. By inviting nature into meetings, the corporate world breaks [...]
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10 tips to facilitate meetings

10 tips to facilitating meetings. Finding ideas, aligning teams, or getting down to business, a successful meeting requires precise preparation. But that's not enough: you also need to know how to facilitate the emergence of points of view and the commitment of participants. Here are some tips to exceed your objectives.
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Bertrand Cheyrou

Accelerating transformations: Exchanges and sharing at the LTD Congress

The 19th Learning, Talent & Development conference was held at the Pré Catelan on June 4. These biannual meetings are attended by human resources managers (University Directors, Talent Development & Acquisition Directors) and are based on debates, conferences, exchanges of practices and feedback from peers. It is also an opportunity for Bertrand Cheyrou, President of the Campus Serge Kampf Les Fontaines, to [...]
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Attention, exceptional event at Les Fontaines!

Who are you really? Where are you going, and how? In the frantic race against time, we don't stop to think about these real questions, which are nevertheless essential for self-knowledge, fulfillment and professional and personal commitment. And we know that without fulfillment, there is no commitment. This is why CIOUS Consulting has created La Journée démarre, an event [...]
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