Gastronomy and conventions: a moment of sharing

When he tells you that he has experience, you have to believe him. With 20 years in the business and a brigade of eight, Chef Nicolas Lopez creates and serves ever-changing menus, chiseled according to the seasons and the wishes of his guests. "It's a work of permanent creation where I marry the constraints of my clients with those of respect for the environment."
Because just like the eco-labeled site since 2008, chef Nicolas Lopez respects all sorts of environmental precepts to the letter. "We work with seasonal products, in a true logic of sustainable development: most of the fresh products come from producers located within 40 km of the area. The products are mostly organic, in season and, as often as possible, from fair trade."
The work of catering is therefore above all a work of listening: "we have a very expert team. We also manage all diets: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free...". To guide each client, Nicolas Lopez offers sample menus, covering the most common event situations that Campus Les Fontaines may experience. Then, it's the art of adaptation: "we go from the Italian menu, to the exotic menu, Caribbean, South American, Japanese ..., we manage to satisfy the most demanding. As proof of this, not a day goes by without someone asking me for the recipe of such and such a dish!" A transfer of know-how that Nicolas Lopez always does with pleasure, because for him gastronomy is above all a great moment of sharing.

Meals are key moments of your event!

(1) Give the meal its true value.
It is a time of conviviality, where relaxation and smiles take precedence. Conventions dissipate, and relationships are more spontaneous. A professional meal must go in this direction.
(2) Prioritize speed and lightness at lunch...
Whatever the purpose of the meal, if it is a moment of break between two work sessions, it must be fast. Nicolas Lopez recommends quick cocktails with about 20 pieces per person for the whole thing. There is no question of selecting products that are too heavy and difficult to digest. However, it is not a question of rushing the guests. It is better to calibrate the quantity than to stress them by proposing a timing unsuited to the menu.
(3) Prefer standing
It doesn't stop you from eating well, and it forces the body to stay awake. Sitting is a trap, especially if there are many guests. As soon as the sun returns, barbecues and cocktails are very popular. They also facilitate the flow of people and ideas.
(4) The snack break: fun!
It is sometimes forgotten, for fear of breaking the intensity of work ... On the contrary! It's the perfect time to recharge your batteries. It is also a moment of detox: smoothie, fruit basket or skewers, iced tea ... and for the greediest: pancakes, waffles, even chocolate fountains to regain his soul of child!
(5) In the evening, focus on the moment
When the day is over, the meal remains an essential moment of "debriefing". The pleasure in the mouth can be more gastronomic. On the other hand, more and more events favor standing, even in the evening, because guests can exchange more easily.