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New Les Fontaines : Reveal

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New Les Fontaines : Reveal

Experience and Ignite Transformation During Your Corporate Event

Forget everything you knew about Les Fontaines: rooms, meeting rooms, and break areas have all been completely refurbished and modernized in 2021. Interactivity, connectivity, modularity, efficiency and comfort are the key words that drove the renovation of the venue, embodying our promise:

“Designing and delivering responsible corporate events.”

In concrete terms, this translates into:

– Meeting rooms equipped for autonomous and intuitive use; digitalized to connect meeting rooms within and outside the Campus,

Open spaces offering a casual atmosphere to encourage unformal meetings and networking,

– Functional, easily movable furniture and new accessories to increase meeting efficiency, free up minds and foster creativity,

– Cosy lounges in the Château where to take a break between two workshops.

Iconic Rooms

Designed to enhance the participant experience and meet the needs of organizers, these rooms are dedicated to specific uses.

The Creative Room

A room designed to host creative thinking and brainstorming sessions which enhance collective intelligence.

Les Fontaines Hybrid Studio

A pre-equipped hybrid Studio to answer all your needs: on-site, hybrid, or 100% digital events.

Staff Area

An area dedicated to the Event Management Staff to work, discuss or simply relax in a functional and flexible space.

Room Ambiance: Comfort and Harmony

The 300 comfortable rooms of the Campus have been renovated and modernized. Their new design amplifies the soothing and rejuvenating spirit of Les Fontaines. Colorful and stylish, they combine and synthesize 3 emblematic places of the Campus: the Park, the Château, the Forum.