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Les Fontaines Turn 20: Introducing a New Look and Vision!

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Les Fontaines Turn 20: Introducing a New Look and Vision!

As it celebrates its 20th anniversary, Les Fontaines is getting a little refresh because we absolutely wanted to align with your needs and desires.

We have evolved as well. The teams that make up Les Fontaines today embody a way of working that has strengthened over the years, and the way we practice our profession is clearer and more responsible.

To represent this transformation, we wanted a more assertive positioning and a new logo.

In terms of positioning…

If you’re familiar with Les Fontaines, you know that it’s the largest site in France dedicated to corporate events and seminars, with a majestic chateau, 300 rooms, 60 meeting rooms, and a 450-seat auditorium, all set within a 52-hectare park.

If you’re familiar with Les Fontaines, you also know that our commitment to the energy transition is neither feigned nor recent, as for over 15 years we have been working to reduce our carbon emissions while delivering ever higher quality service.

If you’re familiar with Les Fontaines, you know that the added value we provide goes beyond the location, magnificent as it is. We assist you in the creation and execution of your events so that your challenges and objectives become tangible for participants. We do this by leveraging all the tools, from tight logistics to a tailor-made agenda.

If you don’t know Les Fontaines, well now you know us a bit.

Through our more refined positioning, we wanted to remind everyone what we are:

In terms of the logo…

We didn’t have to go far for inspiration. The Campus is an endless source of energy. So, we stayed with the Domaine des Fontaines. If there are places that inspire you, Les Fontaines is one.

We’ve just risen above.

The architectural choices made at the dawn of the 21st century are still visionary today.

The meeting rooms are distributed in a semi-circular building, The Forum.

At the center of The Forum on the lower level is the stage of the auditorium.

This center in the courtyard is the ultimate point of resonance. From here, your voice and words spread everywhere. Try it next time you visit.

The circle and its center are so rich in meaning, as they evoke unityinfinityperfection, continuity, and movement, it was then unnecessary to look further.

For us at Les Fontaines, a professional event is a constant dialogue between the center and the contours of an organization. Hence our new logo that resembles us and resembles the events you can hold with us.