Meetings or seminars: take care of your decor!

Team meetings, strategy sessions, seminars, so many proposals that do not always promise moments of grace or motivation... Why? In general, because these moments are conceived without taking into account the place in which they take place. The physical and material environment is perceived as an element of pure comfort whereas it is the basis of the success of any human gathering.
At a time when studies follow one another and confirm that between 60% and 88% of employees have no passion for their work and that 26% are toxic grumblers for the atmosphere within the company, any gathering of the troops must be carried out with a strategy of motivation, in addition to the need to inform. This is where the notion of environment comes in, as it proposes to create a memorable and positive moment of sharing. The environmental logic is the salt that can help give meaning and engage employees to help create the future of their company.
"The venue should be a change of scenery," says Dolores Lionetti, director of events at Capgemini University, which regularly works with a team of scenographers and decorators to design and customize the site for one-day to week-long training events. You have to immerse employees in an atmosphere if you expect them to change."Many seminars thus have very particular colors within the Les Fontaines Campus. This is because it is managed like a theater stage: decor, furniture, sounds, visuals, everything is worked on to create a new atmosphere that is unique each time and helps trigger ideas and motivation. "The decor is not a trivial thing, it expresses in a subtle way the expectations and objectives of the gathering."
The environment of meetings or seminars is therefore not only a question of beauty of the places, luxury, or quality of seats, but it is above all a reflection on the restitution of a reality, and on the staging of the values that one wishes to transmit or build. Everything is geared towards the event: the design of the furniture, the broadcasting of content on the in-house TV channel, the posters, the graphic friezes that reproduce the messages shared during the plenary session, and also the musical playlist that enlivens the break times.
The Capgemini Les Fontaines Campus regularly gets a new look for the duration of a seminar to create a story, and to immerse employees in an elsewhere that will play a mirror effect, or a near future that we want to reach: what we translate here - at the Capgemini Campus - by the passage from "Now" to "Next".