Seminar: the importance of event lighting

The Campus Serge Kampf les Fontaines is a site steeped in history, ideal for creating superb lighting atmospheres adapted to the objectives of each of your professional events.

Interview with Éric Matouk*, Stardust technical manager at Les Fontaines.

How would you define event lighting? 

"The lighting of an event will consist, as its name indicates, in revealing, illuminating and sublimating the message that the client wishes to convey. It is therefore an important element of the overall staging of the event.

In order to obtain the best possible result, it is necessary to ask yourself some essential questions beforehand:

  • What is the purpose of the event? To announce good/bad news? to reunite teams? to highlight a product?
  • What is the number of participants? Because you can't light a room of 10 people like an auditorium of 450 seats
  • What is the typology of the group? Age, gender, profession, nationality, ..

Once these elements are known, the work can really begin.

L’éclairage n’est en fait qu’une succession de détails suivant des objectifs très ciblés : chaque ambiance est minutieusement travaillée pour refléter l’image globale du séminaire ou de l’événement. Si vous souhaitez par exemple une ambiance « féerique » pour votre séminaire, c’est bien l’éclairage qui en donnera le ton. On jouera alors sur les chandeliers lumineux sur tables, les leds pour baliser les chemins, ou la reproduction d’un ciel étoilé en intérieur…»

Does the Les Fontaines site lend itself to atypical or grandiose lighting?

"Oh yes, of course! The site is ideal because it brings together in one place spaces that are totally different from each other. For me, the Fountains site is a real theater of expressions.

The Normandy Farm lends itself perfectly to rural atmospheres, the Castle can be magical or mysterious, while the Forum auditorium is a space where you can have fun with high technology and make grandiose presentations, out of the ordinary.

Knowing the site well, I would say that it has many more assets than constraints. The latter are ultimately limited to the safety and environmental impact of the project. Very committed to a rigorous eco-responsible approach, we take care to select our equipment with the greatest possible care, in order to limit our energy impacts."

Quels sont vos plus beaux souvenirs de mises en lumière réalisées aux Fontaines ? 

There is no shortage of examples! I particularly liked to illuminate the castle with a giant mirror ball, hanging from the roof peak. The multicolored reflections illuminated the outside terraces in a magical way.

The auditorium has often been the scene of great achievements for us, especially during an audiovisual immersion experience: the image, synchronized with the light, encircled the spectators at 280°. The result was amazing for all participants.

My colleague Sébastien also remembers a sound and light show that the audiovisual team organized for a client who was celebrating the 50th anniversary of his company.

L’équipe avait pulsé l’eau du lac pour projeter des images, tel un écran naturel à ciel ouvert. Saisissant ! La lumière était alors partout : dans la prairie, sur l’eau, et sous forme d’un logo, projeté sur les murs du château. La scénographie lumineuse oriente le regard et est, à l’image du cinéma ou du théâtre, un parti pris artistique très prégnant. Ce soir-là, le temps était brumeux, ce qui ajoutait une touche mystérieuse à cette ambiance lumineuse impressionnante.

* In April 2018, STARDUST group partnered with the Serge Kampf Les Fontaines Campus to offer its clients a prestigious audiovisual service, combining talent, creativity, innovation and professionalism