6 tips for a successful Fireside Chat

From communication to the comfort of participants, an informal working session follows certain rules …

1 / Prioritize comfort above all

Comfortable seats with different seat heights, calm environment, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, comfort must come first during these small meetings where the atmosphere must be friendly and informal.

2 / Adapt your Fireside Chat to the season

In the summer, this “fireside chat” will take place outside. Surprise your guests! At the foot of an oak tree, in a patch of greenery, by a lake, the cozyness of a discussion can also take place outside. And your participants will benefit from all of nature’s proven health and morale benefits.

3 / Communicate upstream

Communicating on the themes is essential to make people want to go there. Provide a short description of each workshop if there are several, with the name of the speaker, etc.

4 / Be demanding with the speakers

They must respect the duration, scope the subject, be the driving force in the discussion. Provide a moderator if your speaker is familiar with his/her subject but is not necessarily used to this type of session.

5 / Anticipate the number of seats

In case of simultaneous Fireside Chats with a large number of participants, offer the same number of seats as the actual number of participants. Ex: 10 groups of 10 people for a group of 100 people in total. This will avoid having overcrowded animations and other empty ones.

6 / Keep an eye on time

20 minutes? 30 minutes? 45 minutes? 1 hour? All these durations are interesting but must be defined beforehand, and not to be exceeded. We are often more efficient when we are timeboxed.