"The attention of the heart, the desire to please"

Serving is a high-precision job: the Catering team nevertheless keeps a low profile and is efficient. "We are an interface," explains David Heuzé, Director of Dining. Between the chef and his brigade, and the Campus guests, we intervene on all services related to food. In other words, the service." For 2016, this translated into more than 250,000 covers for 45,000 participants.

A team always at your service

"While the catering department brings together 16 permanent employees, some events have required up to 75 extras," explains Marie Tota, assistant to the director. "Such a team implies flawless organization and a real sense of discipline, and in our business there is a very precise distribution of roles to ensure an extremely high quality service," adds Maxime Fonteneaud, dining room manager.

The art of flexibility

Each event has its own organization. David Heuzé specifies "to tell the truth, we are everywhere it is necessary, at any time of the day." This is one of the strengths of the Campus, it never imposes, always proposes...All the places can be invested: the Castle and its restaurant rooms, the Forum and its mezzanines, the terraces, the Normandy Farm and even ephemeral structures. Not to mention off-site events such as the Grandes Écuries de Chantilly!


The hours dedicated to the meals are very scenic moments and contribute to the success of the seminar. The team remembers the animation broadcast on the facade of the Castle, where the highlight of the show was the giant cake coming out of the image to find the real world. "We also remember the 3 by 4 meter plant cake served to the guests, a feat that has engraved our memories." We can also not fail to mention last summer and the Garden Party at the Normandy Farm that brought together more than 500 guests in a guinguette spirit, food trucks to support.

The desire to please...

Customer satisfaction is of course the team's watchword. "For that, we have to work upstream, be attentive, flexible, but also know how to share our expertise." Then, the execution must be perfect. The moments of restoration, whether in the morning, at lunch, during breaks or in the evening, are moments of conviviality, of very important sharing. It is often where misunderstandings are resolved, agreements are sealed, and friendships are forged or strengthened. This is why room service is a job where the sense of observation is important: "Knowing how not to interrupt a conversation or on the contrary proposing a dish or a drink at the right time, it's quite an art!" With an ultimate credo that guides everything: "The attention of the heart, the desire to please! "