The body and mind at Les Fontaines

What do we expect from a corporate seminar?
To develop and maintain the motivation of the teams, to consolidate and recreate links between people, to change behaviors and stimulate team spirit, to boost competitiveness and build the future of the company.
And to contribute to this result, leaders choose the vector of sport in their professional events, because the business world seems to have many points in common with that of sport, from the lexical field (performance, results ...) to the values (team spirit, surpassing oneself, conviviality, etc..).
How is it set up during a seminar on the Campus? First of all, with a classic intervention of a speaker mobilizing the participants on the virtues of sport as recently Anne Quéméré recounting her crossing of the Atlantic by rowing, or the Dutch coach of the national women's field field hockey team. A sports team-buidling can also be considered, from a soccer tournament to the timeless Olympics. Your teams will surpass themselves and experience the solidarity and strength of encouragement. Finally, twice a week, the Campus offers its participants a sports coach who can intervene in the evenings or mornings for a muscular awakening around yoga, Gi qong or to discover the park by Nordic walking.
Starting the work day with sports allows participants to be more available and positive throughout their day. Source of energy and vector of cohesion, sport is a real added value of exception during seminars.
(This article was prepared in collaboration with Stéphane Kuissu, from Ton Coach Sportif -TCS-, a partner of Les Fontaines who regularly leads sports sessions at Les Fontaines).