Team-building is not playing

For the past 15 years, the Serge Kampf Les Fontaines Campus has built up an ecosystem of partners dedicated to team-building activities, offering its clients a wide range of quality, tailor-made activities capable of meeting the needs of each company.<br Today, the integration of team-buildings in the organization of professional events has become essential. The benefits of team-building are well documented: improved listening and communication between employees, reinforcement of group membership, better impregnation of the main message of the meetings... This is why the Campus has put together a catalog of sports, fun and creative activities to meet all the expectations of its clients. Each activity has been thought out and designed according to the numerous spaces available on the Campus. Our auditorium and its exceptional acoustics will be the ideal setting for your musical activities. It will make your philharmonic or percussion concerts unforgettable...while reinforcing the listening and the synchronization between the participants, apprentice musicians for a day.
At the Forum, our daylight meeting rooms will be perfect for all your strategy games (giant Lego, escape games...), your culinary challenges, your augmented reality workshops, or for your comic book or mini-film creations. All these activities will be particularly suitable for strengthening team spirit, encouraging cooperation and developing creativity.
Covering 52 hectares, with a fitness trail, a football/rugby field, a wooded area and a lake, the Parc des Fontaines is THE playground for outdoor activities. You can organize a bootcamp, geolocated rallies, treasure hunts, Olympics, or boost your participants' creativity by having them build cardboard racing cars. These sporty and fun activities will encourage the participants to surpass themselves, their competitive spirit and will also develop their individual and collective involvement.
Finally, the XIXth century castle, full of stories, can also welcome yours. We can indeed create for you thematic evenings, in order to immerse your collaborators in the universe and the DNA of your company. Quiz dinners, shows, challenges, oenological animations... the objective here is to spend a good moment together, to gather around a common message, to create links and memories.
Team-building activities are now learning supports in their own right. "By putting at your service the know-how of our partners, the variety and modularity of the available spaces, we adapt to your needs to create activities perfectly aligned with the objectives of your seminar, in order to 'move the lines', to change the behavior of your participants by leaving them with memories as memorable as they are instructive ", summarizes Marie Granvillain, Sales Director.