A customized approach towards Corporate Events

Organizing a corporate event is often like squaring the circle. The Capgemini Les Fontaines Campus business team works with its clients to make a project a success. With more than 50,000 participants through 250 events each year, the Campus demonstrates a unique capacity for adaptation and creativity. Marie Granvillain, Director of Sales, and her team present its main assets.
What does your role involve?
We are a sales team made up of five event experts. We work hand-in-hand with all other departments on Campus. Our primary role is to understand the needs of our clients, whether they are an agency or a company, and then to adapt the campus to their event project in response. It is a mission of listening, advising and collaborating, to help them achieve their goal and formalize their future event on the Les Fontaines Campus down to the smallest detail. In addition, we have to be imaginative and constantly re-invent ourselves.
Do your clients always have a clear idea of their event?
Of their objective, without a doubt! Of how they can achieve it, not necessarily. The venue with all its flexibility, far from being a constraint, becomes a mine of ideas; you can do anything here. In order to realize this and to plan ahead, it is essential for our clients to come to the site, where everything is created. For companies, we will be a real support to make their event a unique experience that exploits the full potential of the place. For the agencies, we'll assist them to fully express their creativity, also trying to show them all the specificities of the site.
Factually, what are the special features of the Les Fontaines Campus?
They are numerous! First of all, it should be remembered that the Campus is one of the only places of this size to have been created by a company for the organization of corporate events. The Campus concentrates on site all the offers a company needs to organize, manage and animate its event. Meeting spaces of different sizes, auditorium, catering, hospitality, all services are available for more than 500 participants on one unit of location.
Then, there is the affirmation of sustainable development: we are eco-labeled and offer all our clients to measure the ecological footprint of their event. And this is a request that is becoming increasingly successful.
Finally, we are all concerned about the safety of our events. Our clients find at the Campus Les Fontaines, a secure site that is completely adapted to events requiring the reception of a dozen to several hundred employees thanks to a dedicated security team.
The Les Fontaines Campus is beautiful, isn't it too expensive?
There's nothing luxurious about the Campus, even if the saddlery in the auditorium is signed Hermès. It is an upscale site, offering all the services of a conference center and a hotel in a green setting. The presence on site of everything necessary for a successful seminar tends to lower the budget in the end. Everything can be managed on site with great rationality and efficiency. In complete costs, we are lower than many of our competitors for better quality services.
What types of events can take place?
As you can see, the possibilities are almost endless. We ensure a tailor-made approach to corporate events. This ranges from the simple meeting, to the most insane event. We've seen seminars held in tippie tents in the middle of the park, 3D holograms projected on the auditorium stage, and even an ephemeral ski slope... But that's not the point. Companies come here to take advantage of the assets of the place, because it knows how to combine well-being and work, and because all the services are concentrated here and the work spaces are modular and ultra-connected.
Just what are the technological highlights?
The entire site benefits from high-density wifi coverage, with the possibility of having a privatized and encrypted bandwidth. And to support our customers, we have a dedicated team on site, expert in IT and multimedia. In addition, all of our rooms are equipped with at least 65-inch screens, some of which are touchscreen.
If you were to advise a company looking for an event space, what would you say?
To come and visit the site! Our customers who discover the Campus Les Fontaines are unanimous: there is always much more to do than expected. It is by discovering its many spaces that one understands its full potential.