Meeting planners: the meeting is also a material issue

With them, it moves all day and every day of the year! They have a knack for modulating spaces to suit everyone's needs. When they're around, meeting rooms whirr in all directions, chairs are passed from hand to hand while tables fold and unfold. The most tangled cables become straight as an arrow. Pencils are pushed together in rows, and notepads take care to keep their sheets in order. Because the room preparers are uncompromising and in a hurry: sometimes a few minutes before the big meeting, they literally transform the organization of the room, its "setup", to adapt to the needs of the organizers.
They are three gentlemen, Joao, Maxime and Thomas and form a close-knit team, under the responsibility of Guillaume. They are in charge of all the logistics of the room: distribution of tables and chairs, storage, supplies, water, delivery of documents, nothing that contributes to the material success of the meeting escapes them.

Seminars require a lot of flexibility

"We work closely with the Event Managers on a "road-map" to plan the organization of the rooms. We need to make sure that nothing is missing when participants enter. The meeting is also a material issue..." Obviously, seminars require a lot of flexibility. "Very often we change the setup during the day because the needs have changed. We have to be very organized because our work is sometimes done during a break for the participants. When they come back... Surprise! The room is transformed. The clients take over the place very easily because of this. Theater, island, U-shaped... there are plenty of possibilities for organizing rooms. "On average, we change the setup three times in a day. And our 43,000 participants in 2016 always found their rooms ready for their brainstorming."