Reception: "The first 20 seconds are critical"

The first contact attendees have with any meeting or seminar venue is usually with the reception team. The Capgemini Les Fontaines Campus is no exception to the rule: "We only get one chance to make a good impression," explains Christophe Campion, team manager, "the first 20 seconds are essential and sometimes determine the impression of an entire day."
By welcoming more than 40,000 employees from a wide variety of companies each year, the Reception team has developed a sharp expertise. And paradoxically, "it's simplicity that comes first, adds Christophe Campion. Discretion, modesty and above all attention to the participants contribute to a good reception. Our experience with the corporate population is essential."Some participants, for example, arrive at their seminar venue with a certain amount of apprehension: there is the pressure of the event itself, but also the fact of discovering a new space, where landmarks have to be built. "We have a guiding function: everything must become simple and obvious in a few minutes. The reception area is the first moment of any group event: we have set up personalized welcome procedures, so as not to forget anything and to reassure new arrivals."
The future of the receptionist's job is already at work at Les Fontaines Campus. A mobile application provides a real-time link between the Reception team and each participant: maps, information and services; everything is permanently accessible.... Reception is first and foremost the art of taking care of participants, to rid them of material worries and make it easier for them to immerse themselves in the world of their event, without having to worry about external elements.