Sustainable Development Week
Work out your footprints!

The European Week for Sustainable Development starts this May 30, 2016. Campus Les Fontaines is the first eco-labeled seminar center in the Paris region. It was certified with the European ecolabel in 2008 and renewed every 2 years. The Campus has implemented concrete measures exceeding the standards imposed in the Afnor criteria with 56 optional points obtained out of the 29 required in 2014.
Beyond its day-to-day involvement, the Campus will highlight initiatives and actions to be discovered on the Campus.

e-Waste Showroom

Après un succès au Brésil durant six mois d’exposition, la e-Waste s’expose pour la première fois en Europe sur le Campus Les Fontaines. Ce projet est né au Brésil, porté par Capgemini pour illustrer et mettre en valeur le recyclage des déchets informatiques et électroniques. Comment transformer un smartphone, des composants d’imprimantes ou encore des appareils photos en un robot à la Wall-e, en véhicule intersidéral ou en Goldorak des temps moderne ? Les quatre artistes brésiliens sollicités par Capgemini n’ont pas manqué de créativité.


Local producers and organic, seasonal and ethical products will be given pride of place on the plates. This is a year-round approach to the preservation of natural resources.


Educational visits to the 52 hectares of the Campus park will be organized to discover the fauna and flora, in particular the 39 nesting species of birds present, as well as the environmental approach (waste management and recycling, composting...). Also to be discovered are the five beehives in the park which provide the delicious honey that we taste every morning.

365 days a year...

The eco-responsible commitment of the Les Fontaines Campus since its opening in 2003, is reflected in concrete initiatives and the realization each year of a complete assessment of the site's CO2 emissions.
Reduction of energy (electricity and gas) and water consumption, by systematizing more economical equipment and practices (low-energy lighting, better management of time slots, automatic shutdown of heating or air conditioning as soon as a window is opened in the rooms, water fountains, flow reducers, washing machines with water recovery, etc...) and the reduction of kilometers traveled by suppliers.
Recourse to renewable energy particularly with the implementation in 2011 of geothermal energy to heat and cool the 300 rooms, which was the subject of one of the largest private worksites in France.
By carrying out its carbon footprint each year, Le Campus Les Fontaines enables its clients to control the ecological footprint of their events.