Is your company Feng Shui?

Feng Shui, this ancestral Chinese art based on energy flows, helps harmonize habitats and promote well-being and health.
If in Asia, more than 90% of companies use the art of Feng Shui, in France the trend is timid but constantly increasing. Originally intended for private homes, the Feng Sui adapted to companies aims to reduce the level of stress, to promote performance, to act on absenteeism or to improve concentration. The impact would thus be far from being negligible.
Its basic rules consist of :

  • choose a sober furniture,
  • adopt appropriate colors according to the desired effect (bright for dynamism or pastel for concentration),
  • orient its offices with backs to the walls,
  • insist on order and clarity of the premises.

At Les Fontaines, we have been inspired by these principles of harmony and common sense for our meeting rooms:

  • rooms with light colors that promote calm, work and concentration,
  • desks with rounded corners that improve energy flow,
  • a soothing and inspiring view of the castle park, a splendid panorama that changes naturally with the seasons, or an indoor garden.

We know that optimizing spaces, promoting circulation, and welcoming you in the best conditions are a guarantee of well-being, dynamism, and performance for your seminars.
But whether your own company is "Feng Shui or not Feng Shui", your collaborators must feel at home with us as if they were at home with you; it is in this spirit that we have imagined and conceived our forum... halfway between Chinese wisdom and the French art of living!