Unleash the power of your meetings!

For several years and especially after the COVID-19 health crisis, reinventing the meeting has been more than necessary. Walk & Talk sessions, stand-up meetings, Energizers: so many formats are no longer confined to closed environment, within 4 walls, but brought outside.

By inviting nature into meetings, the corporate world breaks the codes of traditional meetings and offers a breath of fresh air to its employees. Guaranteed benefits and advantages.

Walking together to create together

What is a Walk & Talk session? The concept is simple: have a meeting while walking. While nature missed us so much during the recent lock-down, this meeting format that companies are increasingly offering to their employees is a rich idea.

Simplified logistics, a less formal framework that breaks down hierarchy, an exercise good for health, a reconnection with nature that increases creativity and stimulates the brain, all of this contributes to this new kind of meetings, appreciated by all and which brings new energy into the group.

Dynamic and motivating, Walk & Talk sessions are also often very productive. Carried away in a burst of creativity released by walking, participants want actions to follow quickly.

Walk & Talk are therefore ideal for brainstorming and problem solving.

Stand-up Meetings: outside and standing!

In the same spirit as Walk & Talk, breakout sessions can also be organized outside. Participants are seated in a semicircle, with nature around the group; alternatively, they can remain standing (hence the name: stand-up meeting). In such small groups, participants are concentrated, concerned, engaged.

As we know, immersion in the great outdoors always generates positive emotions: the state of mind of the participants is different than in confining a meeting room, no matter how well equipped it may be. Imagination breaks free, ideas burst out, optimism trumps pessimism and activity trumps passivity.

Outdoor Energizers: green rituals

Stretching, yoga, body warm-up, vocal exercises, musical workshops are all Energizer Meetings that can be held outside. Nature is the perfect setting to release a voice, wake up a numb body after a night’s sleep or boost flickering energy after lunch.

During a seminar, these short sessions can be organized every morning and every afternoon, like so many rituals to awakening and bring good humor to your day.

Achieving the winning trio

Now, the collective drive towards greater respect for nature and people is also found in these new ways of working and meeting. Productivity, well-being at work and respect for the environment are finally reconciled and form the winning trio of these outdoor sessions, which are fast becoming the new standard in the world of meeting.